Ieisha’s Story: Facing My Truth

Ieisha’s Story: Facing My Truth

Hi my name is Ieisha Moore I’m a 28 year old women born and raised in Detroit MI. I’ve recently written a book entitled Facing My Truth Ieisha’s Story it talks about sexual molestation, domestic violence, and suicide. I was sexual molested by my stepfather at 8 years old growing up I didn’t say anything to anyone. Nit a bestfriend, teacher, cousin, or an aunt. I held on for more than 20 years because I was too afraid. Not only was I molested daily household to household my mom was brutally beaten daily. It took over 20 years for me to find my voice build that courage and learn to love myself. What inspired me to share my story was to simply help bring sexual awareness to let people know there not alone and there’s always perseverance through the storm. I’m currently in the process of prosecuting my abuser and walking the rest of my dats in advocacy mode. I’ve never been arrested, I don’t have any felonies, I’ve never stripped or prostituted, not have I had an desire to victimize others because it’s sad to say but hurt people hurt people. Were I’m at today I’m a homeowner, I own two vehicles, I work for Chrysler, I’m a tax preparer, and an author whom just published her first boo. I just want to let people know the sky is the limit. If I can do it you can too as I continue to walk the rest of my days on advocacy mode Thanks for listening



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