Heather’s Story: March 1 (19, College Freshman)

Heather’s Story: March 1 (19, College Freshman)

I was raped.

I was with a friend and her boyfriend drinking. I felt safe. A friend of theirs came over. It’s her boyfriend’s roommate. He was in the room for about 5 minutes.

Suddenly, I’m very dizzy. I remember going to his room and being in and out of the incident. I know it hurt. He was the quarterback of a small school; about 250 pounds, 6’3. Me, at 5’4 and 130 pounds, I didn’t take it very well. I’m glad I was unconscious for most of it. I don’t want to remember that.

I woke up naked, confused, and with a blaring headache. Next to me is this guy, naked as well. I check my phone, it’s 5 a.m. I get up and leave.

I call a friend, because I’m alone and scared. He said, “you know how you get when you drink. I doubt it was forced.”

And this is why I’m creating a documentary on victim blaming.

Rape is in no way, shape, or form ever the victim’s fault. I don’t care what you’re wearing, if you flirt, if you drink…no means no. Not saying yes doesn’t entitle anyone to a yes. I’m taking back my life in the only way I can think of doing it.



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