Grace’s Story: Stranger at a Hotel

i’ve been recently reading the rape stories of many strong women and men and have been inspired to share mine. no one knows about this besides me, not my closest friends or even my parents. this happened in january last year, i still remember it in vivid detail, so i will type it as best as i remember it. i was in florida going to disney world with close friends who were visiting from across the country. we didn’t get to really plan out the vacation much together and i ended up at a hotel by myself, although the hotel my other two friends were at was right across the street. it was my last night at the hotel, i was going to go back home the next morning. it was very nice out that night and i decided to take a late night swim. it was about 10:30, and the pool was technically “closed”. i went out in my bikini and swam in the large pool alone, i was the only person out there. i swam for a while, just enjoying myself and relaxing. afterwards i got in the hot tub to really relax for a little while before going back up to my room to go to sleep. i thought i’d be alone for as long as i stayed there, but i heard footsteps and opened my eyes and saw a guy who looked to be in his mid 20s, maybe early 30s approaching the hot tub with swim trunks on. i watched as he got closer and looked away when he stepped down the steps to get into the hot tub with me. he sat down on the opposite end from me, which i appreciated. we were both silent for a few minutes, but it felt really awkward and i was going to be surprised if he didnt start a conversation sometime soon. well that’s exactly what happened. we started chatting for a bit, getting to know each other. it was a pretty chill conversation, nothing weird. he asked if i was alone and i told him yes, but i didn’t think anything of it. we talked for a little while, normal casual conversation, before it started to get weird. i noticed he tried to keep eye contact most of our conversation, but his eyes kept going to my chest. i was used to this as i’m somewhat large chested and it stands out. it didn’t really bother me, i know it can be hard for guys with that so i ignored it, as i said i’m used to it. everything became weird after our conversation slowed and kind of stopped for a bit and he made the comment “you have rather large tits” i was a bit shocked at first but i stuttered out ‘uhh, thanks..thank you’ i’ve been told that before by strangers but i just didn’t expect it then and it was very awkward since we were alone. then he asked “this is going to sound strange, but i was wondering if i could feel them?” that really shocked me, i had never been asked that before. i don’t know what was going through my head specifically, but he was older, bigger, and rather muscular, so i ended up nervously saying ‘um yes, sure, i don’t mind.’ after i said that he got up and sat next to me, i turned to face him, sitting with my legs crossed and hands in my lap. he slowly moved his hands toward my chest and placed his hands on my breasts, running his fingers lightly across my bikini top. all he did was run his fingers across my bikini top and the bit of skin above the top for a minute before asking “may i give them a squeeze?” i simply replied ‘if you’d like’ i didn’t know what else to say in the situation, i was too nervous and scared to say no. he began to lightly squeeze my breasts, moving his hands all around my them and squeezing again. he kept making remarks like ‘wow’ and ‘omg’ as he squeezed. he began squeezing harder and harder, really giving my breasts a good squeezing. he asked if he could sit behind me and squeeze from behind and i told him yes, so we moved positions and i felt his chest against my back while he was thoroughly groping my breasts. i also felt his huge boner against my back, which made me even more uncomfortable. i felt his hot breath against my shoulder, neck and back. he moved his hands onto my shoulders and under my bikini strands that were on my shoulders and asked if he could take my top off and see my breasts for himself. this is when i started to hesitate in my response and stutter. i started to say no when he used one arm to wrap around me and pull me all the way back leaning on him and the other hand gripping my neck. he spoke in a threatening voice and said “you’re going to lead me to your hotel room and not say a word or look at anyone else around that sees us, or else you’ll suffer the consequences, do you understand?” he tightened his grip when saying that last part until i nodded my head. he let go of me and motioned towards the door. i was so nervous and scared, i was shaking. we got out of the hot tub and i led him inside and into the elevator, no one was around to see either of us. he kept his hand on my shoulder as we rode up three floors. we walked down the hallway and i was thinking of opening my hotel room door and trying to sneak in and slam it shut before he got a chance to come in, but when we got to my room i was too scared to try it and i let him in. he locked and bolted the door behind us and walked fully in. he told me to turn around so that i was not facing him, and then he swiftly undid the ties on my top and bottoms. he grabbed my tits from behind again and groped them harder than before, this time pinching my exposed nipples. he also made sure to squeeze and spank my ass. after he was done he forced me to get on to my knees, he pulled his dick out, and made me deepthroat it. i was gagging so hard the entire time. he was constantly slapping my face while forcing my head onto him. he went until he came in my mouth and forced me to swallow. then he made me get up and forced me onto the bed, immediately shoving three fingers deep in my vagina. he fingered me hard and fast while groping and sucking on my tits. he continued that until he decided i was wet enough and got up and plunged his dick deep into me. i almost screamed but he covered my mouth. he continued to penetrate me very hard and fast until he came inside me. after he finished he pulled out and uncovered my mouth and we both just layed there catching our breaths. i couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. after pulling out he went back to groping my tits again. he said “thank you gracie, i hope i get to meet you and your spectacular tits again someday” he got off the bed and pulled his swim trunks on, then i saw him reach in his pocket and grab his phone that he had the whole time in a protective case. i was so shocked and by what just happened that i didn’t even try to move or cover up when he pointed his phone toward me, snapping pictures of my naked body. he took one last big squeeze of my breasts, picked up my bikini top and bottoms off the floor, and left. i layed there for a while, just thinking about what happened, in disbelief. i finally got up and took a shower, afterwards crying to myself until i fell asleep. i was too embarrassed to call the cops or say anything to anyone. i still haven’t told my dad or friends. i did end up contact the hotel a few months later, asking for his name and if they had any surveillance of the pool or hot tub area, or the halls at that night. they didn’t find his name in their records, which leads me to believe he wasn’t even staying at that hotel, and they didn’t keep surveillance footage from that long ago. at this point in my life it’s been over a year. i know it’s disappointing that i never got to press charged and get the guy in trouble or anything. but at this point in my life i don’t want to deal with the drama surrounding that. i’d rather just let it go. it does feel good to get this off of my shoulders to people who i know will listen. i’m open to questions or comments or advice if you have any. thank you very much for listening.



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