Gianna’s Story: Still There

Gianna’s Story: Still There

after me and my boyfriend broke up we were still very close i mean after all, we have been best friends since third grade. i remember a few weeks after me breaking up with him he told me he had a brain tumor and was going to have surgery. obviously i was upset by this knowing he had “cancer”. on December 22 of last year he was going to have a going away party because he was going to go out of state for a few months to have surgery. i showed up at his house to find out no one but me was there but i stayed because he told me i was early. we started watching a movie and i remember his hands slowly starting to feel me. i remember telling him no and just saying i didnt really wanna be touched and we are only friends. after this he didnt really stop and it escalated quickly into him getting on top of me and pinning my arms down and raping me. i only really tried to stop him for a solid 3 minutes and then just laid there and waited for him to be done so i can leave. weeks after this none of my friends would talk to me because he said ” she lied about it because she wants people to be on her side of the break up” and i also found out the cancer was fake. everday at school i see him and even had class with him were we had to work together but i got switched into a different class. hes recently tried to contact me again saying sorry and begging me to reply to him which i obviously have not. i once tried to talk to the police and all that was said was “its a he said she said situation”. it toke me months to even tell my mother about it because of how embarrassed i was.



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  • A guy December 20, at 16:31

    I’m sorry that happened to you. No offense but it doesn’t matter how long you tried to stop him. Just saying NO should have been enough. Please don’t blame yourself.

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