Anonymous Story: He called it a game

Anonymous Story: He called it a game

This is not rape but it is still uncomfortable to talk about. So basically he said do you want to play a game, and me being 7 I thought it would be just like the other games we played. He was 13/14 at the time, anyway so we went into my room (no one else was home) he told me to lay on the bed, he put a pillow over my face pulled my pants down and started to touch me. I really had no idea what he was doing at the time, I don’t know why but I did nothing. When he stopped touching me he made me grab something, again back then I didn’t know what it was but it was but it was his private part. After a bit of that he took the pillow off my face and I just walked out of the room like nothing happened, I didn’t tell anyone, didn’t even think about it until I was older. We “played the game” about once a week for a while then I guess he grew up and just stopped. Although this one night he was drunk and he came to talk to me about it. He asked me if i remembed but i said not really just to avoid it. But that was long ago and I have since moved on. I’ve told people and it doesn’t even haunt me anymore.



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