Anonymous Story: A Memory I Want to Erase

Anonymous Story: A Memory I Want to Erase

I will point out I am a boy age 17. This happened about 6 months ago when I was 16 by my 13 year old sister. I was always the more timid one and she was more aggressive. She calls me names a lot and gets very physical but I’d get scared to attack back and would try to go away.

During this incident I’m in 11th grade and came home at around 4 pm. She was in middle school(8 th grade) and they came an hour later. When I came home I started doing my homework since I had a lot that day and when she came she started being mean to me. I just ignored her until she pulled my homework paper and threatened to tear it. I was begging her not to but she did anyway. I got angry and shoved her. After that I realized what I did and she was very mad. I tried to run away but she caught me and tackled me down before hitting and slapping me repeatedly. After a while I felt her hand reach in my pants and she started grinding on me. From there it escalated to her stripping my pants of and doing full intercourse. I cried a lot then and was scared about it. I never told aynone else and she pretends like it never happened. But I still can’t forget it even if I try.

From personal experience getting raped or assualted is something no one should have to go through.



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