Ella’s Story: I Have To See Him Everyday

Ella’s Story: I Have To See Him Everyday

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m 13 years old and this happened when I was still 13 during August of 2016. I met [J] at school. He was so hot and I really did like him. We had talked for a long time and I really wanted to be his. He wanted me and I and everyone else could see it. He invited me and a lot of other people to a party and I of course went. The party started at 5:00 in the evening on Friday and I was ecstatic. I wore high-waisted shorts and a short black T-shirt. I looked really good and when I walked into his house, all the guys’ heads turned. I went over to my friend, [K], and we talked for a while and she interrupted me saying that [J] was looking at and talking to his friends about me. I walked over to him and his friends playfully punched him when they saw me and I was looked up and down by [J]. I was flattered. I gave him a hug and started talking about random stuff with school and home life. “God, I thought, “he’s so hot.” He asked me if I wanted some beer or lemonade. I said beer, trying to impress him. I drank a large bottle of beer and I felt fine. It was around 7 p.m and a lot of people had already left. He and I were getting touchy feely and he told me he wanted to tell me something. He held my hand and led me to his room. I sat on his bed and he told me that I was really hot and that he really liked me. I grabbed my waist and went in to kiss me. I kissed him and we eventually got to second base, but I didn’t want to go all the way. It felt good when he touched me, and I wanted it, but I didn’t want anything other than touching or kissing. I told him this and that I was a virgin and he just kind of ignored me. We kept kissing and he started to take his pants off. I was already out of my shorts and bra and only had my panties and shirt on. I asked him what he was doing. ” It won’t hurt, just relax.”, he said. I said no like 25 times and he just kept telling me how good it would feel and just to relax. He began to take my panties off and I tried to push him off of me and yelled at him to stop. He was so strong. He played baseball and was ridiculously strong. I couldn’t fight him off. I told him to stop. He ignored me and said it would feel good. He pinned my hands to the side of my face. I just gave up at that point because I knew there was nothing I could do. He pulled my panties off and put his fingers inside of me. I gasped and he said something vulgar under his breathe. He then pulled his pants and underwear off, and forced himself inside of me. I hurt so bad and I thought I was going to be split in two.I began crying and I tried to push him off of me put he just held me down harder. He wasn’t gentle and it didn’t feel good at all. I said stop and that it hurt. He kept raping me. He ejaculated inside of me and told me to get cleaned up and to get dressed. I walked out of his room and called my mom to come get me. When I walked pass him and his friends I heard him saying vulgar things about me. As I was walking out the door, he whistled at me and asked me to come over tomorrow. I have three classes with him and I still have to see him. I’m so lucky that I didn’t become pregnant.



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