Eileen’s Story: A Victim For Too Long

Eileen’s Story: A Victim For Too Long

In 1986, a month before I was married, I was assaulted (there is a police report) in the building where I worked in Bethesda, Maryland. This experience put a strain on our marriage as newlyweds. I lost my job three month later because I was trying to put locks on the building doors by passing a petition around to be signed. I had to start looking for another job. I felt totally rejected and had to start seeing a therapist. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist and/or therapist since this time. I’ve been hospitalized about five separate times and have had to take meds all my married life. I’ve held numerous jobs but have not been able to hold one for a significant amount of time to get promotions from seniority. My husband and children have helped me when I encounter symptoms. I am lucky to have a supportive family who understands the nightmare I go through from being in this assault. Through the years, I’ve gotten better at managing my symptoms and fears but not without a serious and lengthy struggle.



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