Delilah’s Story: My Family Doesn’t Speak to Me Because of the TRUTH

Delilah’s Story: My Family Doesn’t Speak to Me Because of the TRUTH

Besides my mother,husband, and children and my FATHER.. NO ONE in my fathers side of the family knew my grandfather sexually assaulted me as a child. When it first started I was about 5-7 yrs old. It started with touching and it felt wrong even as a child it felt wrong. I remember my mother always telling me never let anybody ever touch you. My mother and father were divorce so I would spend the weekends with my father he lived with his parents at the time. And my grandfather would tell me come sit on grandpa lap and then the touching would start. It got so uncomfortable for me that one day I told my mother what was going on she. Stop visitation and informed my father and I wasn’t allowed back until my father got a place of his own. My fathers reaction was oh my father drinks drunk people dont know what they do. He wasnt the only person in my life that sexually assaulted me. After my father and mother divorced my mother got a boyfriend that was very very abusive to her. I mean abusive to the 10th power. We lived in an apartment that the bathroom was in the hallway and in the bathroom were air vents. I always felt uncomfortable like I was being watched I was about 12 yrs old. One day I was taking a bath usually I showered it this day I choose to take a bath as I’m in the tub I had the feeling I’m being watched. I look up and I see him watching me thru the vent. After that he would come in my room at night n try to touch me which he did several times. But one day I decided I wanted to get a cat her name was China when we got her she came with her sister which I named kitty. Several nights pass by he didnt come into my room. But there came that one night he tried and my cats attacked this man like crazy. Which woke my mother up from her sleep. She questioned him on why he was in my room he gave a lie. Next day my mother asked me to tell her the truth I told her and she told me you know how violent he is but I promise you it will stop from that day forward she put a lock on my door and went thru so much he almost killed my mother when she said he had to leave he almost shot my mother with a gun he had. But my mother taught to keep me safe and left this man thank god. Now after all I have gone thru my daughter tells me that while she was living with my dad about 14 yrs later that my grandfather did the same to her and she decided to tell the truth to my fathers side of the family.. they wished death upon my daughter and I they disowned my daughter n i… what’s sad and hurts me each and everyday is my mother passed away 5 yrs ago god rest her soul… I only have my father n because we spoke our truth I have no father. The pain I feel everyday is hard I miss my dad I want my dad in my life but we are the monsters for saying the truth. But I will move in and maybe 1 day he will face his family and say I knew what my father did to my daughter and yes he is my father but that is my daughter. I hope that day will come where I can hold and hug my father again. Sometimes saying the truth bring hurt and pain. And you lose loved ones



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