Corey’s Story: God Knows Why

Corey’s Story: God Knows Why

I was a little baby. No care in the world, innocent, happy, when he came through the door. Grandma had just finished washing me up and laid me on the bed, went to go get something I guess. He came in the room and started fiddling with me, and i was like 3 so i didn’t say anything. I guess he walked out when he heard my grandma coming, don’t know where he went. This went on until i was 5 and moved in with my mom which stopped it for a bit. But then he started visiting our home and things sped up at an alarming rate. My parents would leave me home alone with him and he would do you know what. By the time i was 9 he was finally ready to go all the way although I was not, but i guess he didn’t care. He raped me. He f*cking raped me. He took everything that was good and sane in my life and raped me. by the time i was 10 we did everything imaginable but he stopped visiting because my Dad moved out. He was his son. My ” Brother.” I’m 14 and i still have nightmares and flashbacks. i just wish it was all a dream, although i came out about it last year. The cops? Nothing. They did nothing. All because I didn’t have some stupid f*cking evidence. but, I’ll learn to move on, keep quiet , you know? Because they never want you to be too loud, just loud enough.



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