Cindy’s Story: Naked and Freezing

Cindy’s Story: Naked and Freezing

Having lung cancer surgery in FL, I was immediately stripped naked upon entering the Male techs witnessed my urinary catheter insertion as did numerous people walking in and out of the O.R. When I pleaded for help and covers I was jeered and ridiculed. NO ONE helped me, no one covered me, no one even acknowledged my presence. I lay there naked and freezing. This is how a lung cancer patient was treated. I pleaded for a blanket because I was shaking uncontrollably. They had finally covered me with a thin sheet. I was naked underneath. The male tech told me, ” We won’t give you a blanket because they’ll just take it off you.” I lay there crying and shaking looking up at the O.R. lights. No one talked to me, explained anything or comforted me or made me feel safe. I did not exist. The anesthesiologist ignored me. His only comment was, “Let’s get this going.” No explanation of what was happening, who was who, what to expect. I was woken up after the operation totally naked. No blanket, no gown, no covers–totally naked and freezing. The PA poked and poked my back to get me to move naked over to another bed. No one helped me or explained a thing. Tubes were down my throat and I couldn’t talk. When I finally figured out HOW to get to the other bed. I lay there naked for a while freezing. Finally a nurse came and pulled tunes out. It was after all this that they put a gown on me. I was shaking uncontrollably. I succumbed to hypothermia in PACU. They also ignored all my drugs reactions going into surgery and gave me those drugs regardless. I suffer PTSD today as well as acute and paradoxical reactions to the anesthesia drugs. All of this done to a lung cancer patient so they can “get the numbers.” NO ONE has helped as far as the hospital, patient advocates, Joint Commission, etc. The surgeon bullied and harrassed me throughout the surgery and post op. I have since read similar accounts and heard similar stories from this same doctor and hospital—all to no help or anything done to fix this from happening to any other cancer patients. Please help me t help myself and other needless cancer surgery victims. This is the cruelest “rape” story I know of–trusting medical doctors and personnel and having this treatment.



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