Chywayita’s Story: The Year was 2004

Chywayita’s Story: The Year was 2004

Its exactly 12 years now since my innocence was taken away from me & funny enough i was also 12 years old. Sometimes i blame myself,i cry for long hours & I seek answers from God “Why did you not save me?”. I was able to put the pain away for a good 6 years. I forgot about it & then when i turned 18 ,it all came rushing back & it hurts so bad.

12years later,i cry. I cry for 12 year old me,she deserved better,she did not deserve what happened to her. I marvel at how strong that 12year old girl was,how beautiful she was,how beautiful she still is & i hope that one day,she finds healing.

I hope that one day,i find healing.



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