Chloe’s story: No One Would Believe Me

Chloe’s story: No One Would Believe Me

I was 4 years old I think. I was at my babysitters house and I was playing hide and seek and we were on teams. I was with a guy, he was about 16, I think. We were hiding and we went to his bedroom to hide. We went to his room and he told me to get on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds and get behind the sheet that was hanging up. He locked the door, I heard it, but didn’t say anything. He came behind the sheet and pulled it so it would cover the whole bed. He covered my mouth and told me not to say a word or he would hurt me. He pulled off my pants and he kissed my thighs. He then started massaging down there and I started crying. He took off all of my clothes and all of his clothes and he put his dick inside of me and I started crying and he covered my mouth. I could barely breath with his weight on top of me. I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do. He did this multiple times.

Sometimes he would be playing video games or on the computer and he would make me sit on his lap and he would stick his hand in my pants and he would put his dick in my butt. It haunts me every day. He is in my life still and I still have to see him all of the time and I am 15 years old now. He is a father but not married and never has been. We both act like it never happened because I am scared he will do it again if I don’t act normal around him.



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