Caylee’s Story: I was raped and police don’t believe me

Caylee’s Story: I was raped and police don’t believe me

hello, I’m caylee. I’m 16. I was raped a few months ago, and I told my close friends a few days later, one of them that was with me at the time but she did not believe it was true? So I let it go and I tried to move on. About 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant, he was going to buy me an illegal abortion pill online. I decided that was not safe and went to my parents and told them what had happened (my friend asked me to keep her and her boyfriend out of it, considering they were there that night) so I did as instructed and told the police I didn’t know the attacker, which was a dumb mistake. I finally came out and told the truth. Anyways, she told them it never happened and they believe her since I lied about not knowing him. But I only lied for her. And now I am having falsification charges filed on me, I had to have an abortion, and he is also harassing me, hacking into my accounts posting that I had an abortion. Idk what to do. Idk where to go. Idk how to get people to hear me out anymore so I came here looking for some help, I’m hopeless at this point and I have court in 9days. Can anyone please help me.



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