Cathy’s Story: Travel Is Not As Fun Anymore

Cathy’s Story: Travel Is Not As Fun Anymore

Just another sad story on how poorly large companies treat customers. This time it is Airline – ‪On Oct 5/2017 I flew home after a great trip to Ireland. The flight was long and stressful after the guy behind me reached more than 2 feet in front of himself and groped me. As most people don’t think that something like this happens, you kind of think to yourself “ did that really just happen?” ‬ It was a busy flight but not a full flight. I was sitting beside a nice older person and people were now asleep. So I discretely called for the flight attendant and let her know what had just happened. Her response was “it must have been an accident”. Then she turned around and left. An accident? Really? How does a person “accidentally” reach forward around a chair and grab a persons chest???
If you can explain that to me I would love to know how that’s an accident. (And no the man was not trying to get up and out of his sit) About 20 minutes later the Flight attendant comes back and said to me “well I guess we can move you if we have to”. At this point there was only 40 minutes left in the flight so, still trying do not make a scene, I just told her “why bother now the flights is almost over.”
Not once did the flight attendant ask if I was ok?
When I landed in Toronto I thought that maybe I would go and talk to someone from the airline and tell them what happened. The customer service response was to wait and someone would come talk to me. I Waited for almost an hour when the information desk worker got a call which he handed to me. It was the Aer Lingus representative. She said she didn’t have time to come and see me now and asked if I knew the name of the flight attendant. When I said that I didn’t, the representative said “ if you don’t have a name we can’t help you anyways.”
Feeling kind of sad and dirty I left and went home. The incident was handled so poorly I decided to call the Aer Lingus’s customer service to make a complaint. I was told that I should get a call within a week with some kind of response.
Nothing…. 1 month nothing… so I called back… I was told the file was closed?!?! I told this new customer service person that nobody called me, so she re-opened my file and said again that someone will definitely call me within a week… Another month went by with nothing, so I called again, and was told that yes my complaint was assigned to someone but they were working when I called, and I should call back after ‪9:00am‬ the next day. Before I had a chance to call , someone called me and said that I was sent an e-mail with the outcome. When I told her no that I received no messages, I was told that a person would call me. She verified my e-mail, which had not been correctly recorded previously. When I asked what happen with my complaint, she refused to answer and said I could read the e-mail!!! What kind of crap is that when the company customer service person refuses to talk to you!!!!
Below is the E-maiI I finally got from Aer Lingus. Which is and unacceptable response!!
I did replied to this e-mail and I’m still waiting for a response from the air line.

I paid good money to the airline. Why can’t I at least have some common courtesy? It’s sad, just sad!!! People wonder why those who experience assaults say nothing….

Update ……….
I have gotten a 2nd response letter from the airline….They didn’t address anything about what happen to me. Their response – “Regrettably there is no report of any such incident onboard our aircraft or with our airport staff.”
Of course there would only be my complaint because their employees told me “it must have been an accident” and walked off…. why would she do Paperwork for that??

Let’s blame the victim. I was trapped on their aircrafts and the staff did nothing when I reported to them that the man sitting behind me had just assaulted me… not sure what else to say.

I got a 2nd email which came about 24hrs after I posted my story on my Facebook and theirs…..
Again no responsibility taken by the airline.
Now I need to fly with anxiety medication



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