Catherine’s Story: I was only 7

Catherine’s Story: I was only 7

It was around christmas when it started, my cousin had come to visit. He’s much older than me, and i was naive. We where playing alone in my grandparents basement and then he started kissing me, and so I said to him stop, he started to run his hand up my leg, and being 7 i didnt know what to do. So I let him, he tried to pull my skirt down and I said stop again, I also grabbed his hand and so he took my hand and put it on his cock, and things quickly escalated. He started blackmailing me the 2nd year, and then he left. He continued to tell me that if i told we both would be in trouble.

I am 14 now, and i have severve PTSD, i can hardly sleep at night and im disgusted with myself. I’m constantly terrified he’ll come back, he knows where I live, and hes a family member. My mother trusts him more than my older brother and would make me go places with him if he came back



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