WYR: Defining the vision

Today I wrote the vision for the When You're Ready Project, and having set a direction feels like a giant accomplishment. I've figured out how I can make a difference in a way that I'm uniquely positioned to do. Through conversations with friends with insight and perspective on several aspects of the Project, and a lot of reflection, I have discovered the answer to the questions: "what are you trying to do?" and "what do you need from me?"

Here’s what happens when you share your story

I've been trying since I got home to sit down and write a post about how the first day of the When You're Ready Project went, but I can't. I've been glued to my phone and keyboard corresponding with the countless people who have reached out with words of support and encouragement, to thank me, and to share their stories. This day has been the biggest emotional roller coaster I've been on in my entire life. And the best.

WYR Project: Day 1

I pictured my sister crying, wondering why I never told her. She did cry. But she also told me this: "There is such great power in doing this, Lauren. I've heard it said that shame loses its power when we are fully known and truly delighted in. I delight in you completely."

No turning back now…

Today I’ll be sending an email to my close friends and family to give them the ‘heads up’ about this project. I’d like them to have a chance to digest before I attach my name to the project and really get behind it. I’m sure they’ll support me, but I’m also nervous about their reactions.

When you’re ready, I’ll be here…

I started this project because I’m ready to share my story, to end my silence. I was raped three separate times as a teenager and in my early twenties. I’ve suffered shame, guilt, anger, depression, substance abuse, and hopelessness –