Turn the Pain into Power.

2017 has been a rollercoaster of a year with so many disturbing events have unfolded resulting in amazing events occurring. One could not happen without the other. I have so many topics to discuss but I shall start from the

Ten Years On. Taking Action.

Ten years has gone by and I can remember the assault like it was yesterday. There was a time in the ten years that passed that it was easier to dwell on the event, let it consume me and let

Wonderful Women

Last week I started to write about Trump and his openness to sexual assault. Writing about it however made me so angry, and so I stopped for a breather, which lasted over a week. In that time I focused on other aspects

A House in the Sky

I hated myself more. Why are these words burning themselves into my brain, echoing in my ears? Because it's how I felt. I look back at the passage and realized I need only replace two words: 'Abdullah' with my rapist's name, and 'Somalia' with 'the party' and this is just a beautifully written account of what I was thinking for the years that followed my first rape – and to be perfectly honest, haunt me today.

Climbing Out of a Deep, Dark, Hole

Hi everyone! I am very excited to join Lauren in this adventure. It has been my dream for some time to help bring awareness, healing, and hope to real live people, and I am happy to say that I am