Bianca’s Story: He Doesn’t Believe He Did It.

Bianca’s Story: He Doesn’t Believe He Did It.

We were hanging out playing video games. Although we had had sex before I had made it clear I didn’t want anything like that anymore. I had just gotten a coloscopy two days prior. He started touching me and I got up to grab my things and leave. He grabbed me by the ankle and dragged me towards him and started touching me. I keep pulling his hands away and out of my pants. But he was stronger he forced his hands inside and then he forced himself inside. It hurt so bad. I cried. The wounds from my procedure burned. When he was done he asked if I was okay and apparently that made it okay. He said it wasn’t rape because there’s no such thing as boundaries for someone like me. He said I should have known what I was in for hanging out with him. He said it wasn’t rape. His name is [TH]. I need people to know he raped me.



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