Becoming Healthy Again : Part Two.

Meditation is a great practice to incorporate into your daily lives. It is however not as easy as it sounds, I know it was not easy for me as my brain would not turn off and I was constantly thinking about my attacker and the others involved. However if you try and force yourself to clear your mind and just take a few minutes out each day just to start regaining your ‘brain space’ it is a wonderful practice to have. It goes hand in hand with part one of this blog. Yoga and meditation are best friends and they are wonderful ways of connecting your mental self back to your physical self.

Two years after my assault I still felt hollow inside and so I started on a journey of self-discovery. I wanted to know what type of people could do something like that and so I started looking into different religions and practices. I started with Buddhism and slowly made my way through practices until I came to Kabbalah. I applied for a Kabbalah scholarship program that the one in London offered and they sent me about ten books to study. One of the books included was called, God Wears Lipstick by Kabbalist Karen Berg. Even though I did not take my practice further with classes I found these resources to be very helpful to my healing process. The Buddhist book I had was wonderful however I do not have the title or the author to offer as the book told us to pass it on once we read it, which is exactly what I did. All of these practices shared common themes of how to be at peace, how to become enlightened and how to heal.

I thought both practices were really enlightening and I was trying to figure out a way I could incorporate these practices into my everyday healing. Even though I never ended up going to any classes I read as much as I could. Everything I could get my hands on and that I didn’t need to pay for; as I was broke. The only books I would spend money on were workbooks, ones that had exercises inside of them, Life After Trauma, A Workbook for Healing by Dena Rosenbllom, PhD and Mary beth Willimas, PhD, I found to be very useful. It breaks down what trauma is, how it affects us, how we can move past it and how we can heal ourselves. I highly suggest getting a copy of this book if you can.

Like the Buddhist book that was passed from person to person another book was given to me that I in turn passed on, called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I just adored this book as it offered guidance on people’s energies; it offered me some type of understanding to the people who were at my assault and how and why they did what they did. (Something I will never know however you find peace where you find peace).

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was and still is another favorite. After the assault I thought I was a terrible person who deserved terrible things to happen to me. I could not have been further from the truth, but the mind does like to play nasty tricks on us when we are at our lowest. This book reminded me of things I already knew and helped get my soul back on track to healing and becoming who I was again just an even better version of myself.

There was also something else I was struggling with, and that was anytime I got sick or felt like I was getting sick my throat was the first to go. It has only been in the past two years that I have figured that out. (Sorry if all this sounds very hippy chick to you but I assure you it has helped me no end). I started looking into Chakras and how I can unlock them and use them to help me heal. I know my hips still carry a lot of tension so that is next to on my list, (someone suggested crania-sacral therapy which is next on my list to try – I’ll let you know how it goes) however my throat has been my priority. Speaking up and speaking freely has been a very big healer for me. Not allowing people to take my voice and mute it. Making sure that I am also not afraid to speak up for what is right has also been a big healer, if you know in your heart that you are right then do not second guess yourself.

Chakras are still very new to me so I cannot really explain how I have been using them to heal but somehow I have been. It is an ongoing exercise and practice that I encourage you to use, through yoga, through workshops, whatever way you can.

I found this site to be useful as a starting point and I hope that some of this is useful to you. We all heal in different ways and I know I was not ready for all of this at the very beginning but time allows us to reflect. Eventually we can start working on making ourselves really great human beings again instead of being afraid 24/7 and who can heal from really traumatic events, because we can and we will!



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Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett

Lindsay is a British actress currently living in Los Angeles. It was during her time at drama school in London back in 2007 when Lindsay got date raped. After six years of therapy, travelling the globe to get away from London, Lindsay settled in LA where she has been for the past five years. Now happily married with a furry baby of a dog, Lindsay has started her next journey into helping others. Lindsay joined forces this year with VDAY to help bring awareness of sexual and physical violence across the globe that is inflicted on women everyday. Lindsay produced and performed in The Vagina Monologues for the 2015 event and raised over $7,000 for Peace Over Violence, an organization that helps bring this awareness to larger audiences.



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