Avery’s story: 13 and (halfway) Gone

Avery’s story: 13 and (halfway) Gone

I lay in that cold closet. Alone. The darkness comforts me for some reason, it’s funny. I felt tears dry on my face, and blood was all over my legs and upper thighs. “I was just raped by a teacher” I thought that retched day.

I waited for him to walk out of earshot before I changed and forced myself up, causing pain to shoot up my leg. I stumbled down and broke down as well. I picked up my phone and called my BFF *****, knowing she was in class. I was crying so hard she didn’t understand me. I texted her I was in Mr.****** room. I could here her running down the hallway before she opened the closet door.

I remember her scream and I tried to shush her. She started to freak out. I couldn’t blame her. I have only told her and my other close friend this. And I still have nightmares. I was 13 then, and 15 now.



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