Autumn Latour’s Story: It had to be the people

Autumn Latour’s Story: It had to be the people

I wasn’t feeling well one day and my father had to go to work so I had to go to my neighbors house. When I arrived his daughter went to me and told me that I had to go to his room so I did, then he told me to call him Mr. Gogo. What he told me after that was “lie down on the bed with me”. I looked at him knowing what he wanted me to do was wrong. He told me that it was okay everything was going to be fine, so I did. He told me to go to sleep, I closed my eyes pretending to sleep but being sick and all I was tired so I accidentally fell asleep. The next thing I know is he was spooning me with his hand on my private he had nothing on except his underwear. His did this the next day, I had to tell some one what was happening so I told my dad he didn’t really believe me all what he did was went to his house and told him to stay away from me.

It gets worse, my brother [P] would force me to watch porn with him. One night we were sleeping in a tent with my other brother [J]. Before we went to bed we played a game, truth or dare, well [P] changed it up a little bit he said we are doing sex truth or dare. It was his turn and he asked me truth or dare, I said dare. [P] said “I dare you to have sex with me”. He went to me and started kissing me on the neck, I was heading for the tents exit but [J] that was watching was sitting on the zipper so I couldn’t get out. That was the first time I was raped.

The second time was in the bathroom, it was in the middle of the night when I was going to the bathroom he walked right in and locked the door. He put it inside my mouth after that he was inside me. The third time was at a swimming pool that my dad’s friend had ([P], [J], and I where there, we were the only ones) we were in the pool [P] pulled his shorts down then forced it in my mouth after awhile he started to rape me, while [J] was watching again.

About 2-3 years ago I finally told my mom what [P] did to me. We got the police involved, when [P] and [J] were being interviewed [P] admitted to some things but not all of them, [J] denied everything. I would have had to go to court but my mom somehow got them to change their minds, [P]’s sentence was treatment and probation for 2 years. My father that I have not heard from since I was about 11 years old, contacted my mom somehow, he was pissed he was saying that I was false accusing [P]. I think about how [P] probably raped me more then 3 times, I mean think about it, when we would arrive to our house from school we were home alone, how many times where we in the pool together alone, how many times the middle of the night I would go to the bathroom. I am getting help from a therapist. I think about what Mr. Gogo and what [P] did to me everyday, I do it willingly because it helps me cope in a way, the memories doesn’t hurt me as much as it did before, I definitely still struggle with the past but I do know that it is apart of me.

Who ever has gone through rape or any type of abuse, tell someone it will not get better if you don’t tell anyone what happened it will only get worse.



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