Asia’s Story: I Was Only 8….

My name is Asia and this is my story. I was 8 years old when it started. I had stayed with my grandmother and grandfather at the time and Her baby brother which is my great uncle Andy is what she called him. He was nice to me and we would stay up watching tv and talk and stuff, I looked at him as a father figure. It all changed when one night he put a porno movie on and told me that it was between and him. It went from there to him touching me, to actually penetrating me, Vaginally and anally. He would tell me that he was boyfriend and he owned me and he would only love me. My mom who i wasn’t living with at the time had gotten pregnant with my second youngest sister and when she had her she would leave my sister at my grandmother house and my grandmother would go to work and the only person would be him since my grandpa was at work also. I didn’t want to leave her there with him so i stayed and would deal with the pain. I would hide my grandmother’s uniforms so she wouldn’t leave and do stuff to make her stay. It stop when i turn ten and that only because he had a warrant and left the state. I finally confessed when i turn fifteen to my mom and grandmother and they told other family members and they basically told me i was lying and i probably sexually active or had an big imagination. Ever since then i don’t talk to those family members anymore… of them was my godmother. It really hurt to know that didn’t believe me .



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