Anonymous Story: Zion. Year 11.

Anonymous Story: Zion. Year 11.

I met this boy when I was 5 at daycare. He was a year younger. He always kept trying to kiss me even if I’d say no and push him away. It got dismissed by teachers as ‘boys being boys’ and he got affection for being a ‘ladies’ man’. I lose touch with him for a few years until he joined my high school when I was in year 8 and he started year 7. Things were quiet until I got to year 9 when he started being super clingy and started trying to kiss me all the time again. In my school, from year 7-9 you were in a different part of the school to the year 10-13s. So when I was in year 11, he started on the same campus in year 10. I lived two bus journeys away from school where he lived a short walk away. He used to wait outside my classes at the end of the day so he could walk home with me, and I ended up walking further and further down the bus route until we got to the canal. He used to convince me to walk him home through the canal path, and sometimes I would. He used to stop me under the canal bridge and kiss me and touch me under my shirt and trousers. I never said no, but I didn’t say yes and I never kissed him back, I just sort of stood there against the wall while he did it. He unzipped his trousers and got us to touch him, and sometimes he pushed my head town to try to get me to take him in my mouth. He started talking to me about having sex with me under that bridge and I tried my hardest to avoid him. I started taking the other exit from school which added a half an hour walk to my hour long commute. I left that school after I finished my GCSE exams, but a year later he started attending the same college as me. I keep seeing him around college and around town and every time I see him I get tight in my chest and want to throw up, even though I’m not sure if it was even rape or assault or if it was just two teens under a bridge.



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