Anonymous Story: Why Me?

Anonymous Story: Why Me?

I am watching ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and am now on Episode 3 and cannot stop crying….so close to home. I don’t speak of it, not ever with family and at the age of 45, I sadly only have but one friend (she’s heard it all before!). Roughly seven years ago, I just did not realize that my significant other had such deep-seeded psychological problems until it was too late. Still don’t know how I could have attracted that type of person…I felt stronger (better than that). I had never before been so afraid, I thought I was going to die and that’s what he told me – I REPLAY THAT MOMENT OVER AND OVER AND WISH I COULD HAVE DONE IT DIFFERENTLY!!!!! I haven’t been with a man since, I cannot be alone with a man in my home for fear that I become overpowered again….I don’t want to trust anyone again!!!!! Afraid of the unknown…the physical pain, with broken bones and all is something I can deal with but the emotional pain is deafening and at times, literally brings me to my knees!!!!!!!!



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