Anonymous Story: Where Is My Childhood?

Anonymous Story: Where Is My Childhood?

I think it stopped when I was 8, but I’ll never be sure
I can’t remember everything but thought I was a whore.
I didn’t know that this was not how families had to be
I only knew that it was me to blame for all the gore.
I never talked to Mom or Dad, ’cause I was much too scared
My father was an angry man and mother never cared.

Now you listened to him tell you, all that he did to me
And worse than all of that you knew, my sisters also paid.
You let this monster go for free and didn’t tell a soul
We’ll forever be here aching, some memories don’t fade.
Now we all know, but it’s too late. The damage is all done.
I hope you all are happy now, our childhoods are gone.

Now for me and my sisters dear, we all will suffer still
The horrid dreams and tattered seams ruined these baby girls.
I’ll never know the happiness or wonder of a child
Terror rampant, good forgotten, behind these bouncy curls.
For things my brother did to me, I know I’m not to blame
So why am I so anguished? I love him ev’n in pain.



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