Anonymous Story: Unwilling

Anonymous Story: Unwilling

When your a mother sometimes you have put a hustle into play when they need something and that’s what I thought I was doing. One day I went to my homegirls house to get my daughters hair braided and that’s when I came across him. He was from the islands, he had the longest dreads I ever seen at that time. He stated he would pay someone to do his hair and of course I volunteered. “Hell I needed the money, at first I was to do his hair at my homegirls place but she had gotten sick so plans changed. I him come over later on that Sunday afternoon, my son had just been dropped off and I put him in my room to finish his nap. When he came in he immediately said you ready, I felt like something wasn’t right but I proceeded to sit on the couch, sat on the floor. Everything was going as planned until he started talking to me all sexual, all I knew I was being chased around the coffee table. It was like a grizzly chasing a deer, I didn’t want to panic and wake up my son from sleeping because I didn’t need him to witness this. I just laid there thinking why is this happening, did I do something wrong and how will this end. After it was finished he got up smiling saying nobody has to know, I felt like trash and violated. How does trying to make money to support your kids turn into an experience from hell. When he walked out my front door, I just hit the ground with tears rolling down my face. I know I needed to let someone know what happened, especially not knowing if he would come back. I didn’t want to call the police because I was embarrassed and how could I let this man into my home. I just dealt with it, buried it in the back of my head and continued on with my life. Nevertheless I do think about from time to time but I didn’t let it break me.



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