Anonymous Story: Uncle Did It

Anonymous Story: Uncle Did It

I’ve known this man since age six, he’s my step-uncle. Growing up he’d always “joke” about how we’d end up married, everyone would laugh and call him crazy so I just assumed he was playing, but the older I got the more touchy he got. When I was about thirteen or fourteen he’d began to grab my butt, private parts, and start kissing me shoving his tongue down my throat. Every time he’d do this I remember freezing up. Not being able to breathe. Being scared. When I turned sixteen, I was home alone and he came over.. He pulled his d**k out and made me stroke it, I cried and washed my hand for two hours after he left. Three days after that incident happened he came back and I was, yet again, home alone. He raped me. No matter how many times I said “no” or “stop” I was powerless, weak, and worthless.



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