Anonymous Story: To All the Survivors Out There; #yournotavictim

Anonymous Story: To All the Survivors Out There; #yournotavictim

This may be hard to hear and feels like i am stating a streotype comment
But for all those surviors of sexual abuse
I just want to let you know your not alone
I know everyday is a sturggle to get out of bed
Constent worrying and pain
And the questions that wont let go
You just want to end it all
You think its your fault and even if the world was telling you its not your sitting there thinking Oh my god please just shut up
I understand that but just know its okay not to be okay
And i know you feel dirty and you want to jurt yourself
And even if i tell you dont do your letting the monster win
It makes no difference
So what i am going to say is hold on tight i know the journey is painful
But once you reach it will be raimbows
The nightmares the flashbacks i know its painful
I know it hurts more then anything
But i promise you that as long as your safe
No hands will ever touch you again
I know its hard and cry all you want
But once your finshed just know you can do it again
I know it feels like nobody believes you
But trust me we do.
Your not a victim your a survivor
Dont let evil define you

But the truth is i dont know how you feel
Nobody will ever know because truama works differently
Empathy is somthing that works to am extent
Because sexual abuse pain is unimaginable
I know what it feels like
You know as survivors what it feels like
Toegther we can spread the word



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