Anonymous Story: This Is My Story of a Lad I Knew Who Raped Me and Got Away With It

Anonymous Story: This Is My Story of a Lad I Knew Who Raped Me and Got Away With It

I’m gonna find this very hard and I don’t know if it will be okay if me to post this on here but here it goes. I am rape victim and I need to get my story out there because he is free with nothing. I was raped by someone I once called a friend, it was in April-time 2017 and I wasn’t at school and either was he and then he FaceTimed me and we sat and talk about things and having a catch up as I moved schools. He then asked me if I wanted to meet him and I said I gotta go ask my mum, when I told him my mum said yes he started asking me if owt would happen with me and him when we meet I said no.
And he said okay. We continue to talk and then he wanted to meet soon while people where still as School so we both got ready and left about 30 mins later we met at the racecourse, we started to walk you up to the bridge and went across it and there was a bench, we went down the steps and sat there for about five minutes talking. We decided to go walk under the bridge and when we was there it’s like he just completely changed. The way he was being with me was very strange he kept in kissing me and it was obviously him trying to distract me while he was undoing my trousers I started to panic I was in so much shock I didn’t know what to do, he was pulling his down and while he hold onto my hair pulling it from the roots, my back scrapping on the wall I just felt lifeless telling him time after time While I cry I say ‘please stop your hurting me’ while my voice breaks because i’m crying I have so many questions where going through my head…. why me? Why are you doing this to me? Then after it all happened he just walked off and I was mess I called my friend and said ‘I think I’be just been raped’ while I’m breaking down on my way way begging her to Come to mine because I need her here with me I need her support. I was so so scared to tell my mum but I knew I was gonna have o the next day I told my mum then she told my dad and we all just break down and my mum called the police and when they go to speak to him he said he didn’t even meet me that day he said he was off to go stay at a friends house who lived in Catterick village the police found out he lied about that the he admitted to meeting me but he started saying that I was the one who wanted the sex and how he didn’t wanna do it outside but I made him…saying that I gave him consent. He took my virginity and I feel disgusted to look at my body sometimes because of what he did to me I’ve not been the same person and I know that I have changed I miss how I used to be and I just want my body back I hate knowing that he is now just walking around freely. Just because there was a small bit of doubt at court I know I wasn’t the only girl because another was there too and a few witnesses I’m just so scared that he will do it again to another girl. Every since I found out the results I can’t not get this one question out of my head and it is why didn’t they believe me? I keep getting told that it’s not that they don’t believe me Because they do otherwise it wouldn’t have got amen to court it’s because there was a little bit of doubt.



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