Anonymous Story: This happened in church

Anonymous Story: This happened in church

I live in Sweden in a city called Linköping and this happened in a free church:
I am not using the Swedish platform because it is too complicated to find out where you can leave your story and I need to do it now. This happened only yesterday:
I went to a prayer meeting. About 10 people were there. During this meeting one of the participants (a man) said to the leader (but everyone was able to hear it) that I did not come to pray, I only came to chase after a man, and that I am not a Christian. He sold this as a word of prophecy. Then shortly after this another man come towards me, obviously encouraged by the first mans “prophetic word”. He came rushing towards me and I was sitting in such a kind of chair which makes it hard to leave, I was like at his mercy, I could not get away. I was thinking I hope he does not shake everyone s hand now, because I did not feel well with this person, but it came much worse. He kept drilling his hand into mine and persisted with this for quite a while. I said loudly so the others could all hear it “What are you doing”. and I said it several times. He answered he wants me to take his money (5 dollars) but it was only an excuse that he could start this invasion on me, encouraged by the word of prophecy. I was so shocked. The others who were there found excuses for his behaviour. “He did not mean it like that”, they said, or worse, the man who had that prophecy that I was only there to chase after men said: “He has a woman, he is married.” I just said that I can not pray because this happened and went. I am shocked that one cannot feel save in a prayer meeting as a woman. I think that sexual contact can also be transmitted by the hands. In any case it was an attack on body and my soul as a woman.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.



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