Anonymous Story: The Word SECRETARY Comes From “SECRET”

Anonymous Story: The Word SECRETARY Comes From “SECRET”

The word SECRETARY comes from “SECRET”
I ignored the danger that my life would run. Divorced, my ex-husband didn´t give me any alimony. I suffered an accident in which I almost lost my knee. Miraculously they called me for a job interview, as Secretary at an Arab Diplomatic Headquarters in a South American country.
Helped by my crutches, they employed me without social security, medical assistance and any legal rights that the national workers had. It was that, or seeing me disabled, without work and hungry. I accepted given my circumstances.
After a few months, the diplomatic body changed and a new Ambassador arrived. By then I could already walk without crutches. His “Excellency” called at any time late at night and on weekends, demanding outside my working hours, to go to Headquarters or the Residence, because a room had flooded by the rain or because he was afraid that throw the tree branches, thieves enter into his residence and / or room.
Paranoiac, he put bars on all the windows and on the doors of all the rooms. Grates closed later with locks. I clarify, that at that time, there were no security cameras installed in the Diplomatic Headquarters and the issue of terrorism was in practice only addressed among them, the top politicians.
What was my surprise, when one Saturday he called me urgently to come because he had suspicions that he was being attacked. I arrived in a taxi shortly after. It was 7 p.m. and he opened the door himself. He told me to go up the stairs, he pointed to the master bedroom and once I was inside, he put the lock. I panic. I asked him why he locked me up. He warned me with a gun in his hand, pointing at me, that everything that happened there should remain a total SECRET, since I was his SECRETARY. Threatened made me undress and lie in bed. The rest everyone can imagine. The next day, early, he forced me into his car, placing the gun under his seat and took me to the rented apartment in which I lived.
On Monday, 24 hours later, I had to go to my work, as if nothing had happened, but the next few months, years, I experienced authentic psychic tortures, having to do what he wanted, when he wanted, with threats and blackmail. If I did not do what he wanted, he kicked me out of work. Who was going to hire a woman over 40 year old with a physical injury? He had DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. I was a simple secretary. If I denounced, who would believe me? How would I pay a lawyer? Without family support, I have been the perfect target, for that “EXCELLENT MAN” who still I do not understand how he could represent a country, a nation, a government, whatever his religion or political faction.
I have never believed and trusted anyone again. More than 25 years have passed, and that memory still disgusts me, and I disgust myself. I know I was a victim, helpless. Today I tell it, not without fear that my identity is known and what I always dreamed of is carried out … it ends with me because I didn´t shut up with total silence and kept the secret until my death.
Years ago, I stopped working on that site; I never managed to work again. I remarried, and today I depend financially on my husband. In order to avoid having to suffer any abuse of this type or of any kind, women must be ECONOMICALLY independent and on equal terms as men. Laws that ensure their safety should always protect the WOMEN.



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