Anonymous Story: The unheard CRIEs that were ignored

Anonymous Story: The unheard CRIEs that were ignored

There are 4 different incidents I encountered with this person.

1st- employee entered my office and forced himself upon me as much as grabbing me in  inappropriate places all over and trying to kiss me.

2nd-he chased me down when I was leaving work in his car.  Blowing horn and speeding around me as I was trying to get away. He ended up passing me and cutting me off to where I almost t-boned him and had to slam on brakes.  He than proceeding to get out of his car and started banging on my window.

3rd- followed me around office in and out building to different areas of office and in my office having inappropriate comments to me.

Now the last incident is where things get bad to worse. After the 3rd incident when I felt like he was just waiting to attack me again I told [A] the director of transportation how uncomfortable I was around this employee and why. Well you will see that didn’t do any good.

4th- July 16th employee entered my office and the best way I can put it is i went into a trauma state. I started carrying a pocket knife on me since the day he chased me down to protect myself. I grabbed it and had it in hand if he tried to hurt me again. After he left I ended up taking the knife to my wrist. 😔 was baker acted.

On July 25th had a meeting with [B] the HR director at time. I gave him copies of paperwork which did show harrassment on it. I also tried to tell him that day but was handed a piece of paper and told me if I had complaint to put on there. Was put on FMLA

On August 13th a formal complaint was sent over to HR director [B] and Director of leadership [E]. Response was need more info I requested a meeting never heard back.

August 16th another complaint was sent over this time directed to [E] following the chain of command and requesting a meeting this was with assistance of union.

On August 22nd I was granted an indictment order against employee by the courts. Went straight after and gave copies of indictment and police report to HR director [B]. This finally got that meeting set up

August 27th meeting was held with [E] Director of leadership, [K] school board attorney, 2 union reps and my spouse.  During this meeting [K] herself said that she had more than enough evidence off her interviews and other findings along with my information and I wasn’t the only person who felt uneasy with this employee. Because the employee happened to be on medical leave himself at the time it was decided that I would temporarily be stationed at different location which was MHS until the employee returned and things could be handled. The doctor was satisfied with that along with myself that I was released to go back to work.

September 10th I returned to work with no communication and office was not transferred like was talked about and had to do it myself.

September 13th the employee returned to work…..go figure 😏

September 18th I had not heard anything from [E] or [K] and employee was still working like nothing wrong so sent over email notifying them that he had returned just in case they didn’t realize it.

September 19th-[A] hade me do another statement he told me they didn’t have one which they did but went through it all again with him and gave him another statement.

Oct 1st- finally heard back from [K] realizing at this time I had been lied to as they had not done a single thing. I replied questioning what and everything that was talked about and asked what the district planned on doing about him.

Oct 4th- [K] responded that the new HR director would contact me.

Oct 7th- recieved an email from the new HR director [J] and again asking for more information.  Not really sure how much more information I could possibly give as they have 2 complaints from me,  indictment, tons of witnesses, police report, the meetings information,  paperwork from doctors.

Oct 14th- spoke to police sergeant and was informed that charges were being sent over to state attorney office.

Oct 18th- [A] director of transportation asked to speak with me.  He informed me that the employee I filed the complaint on would retain his job. In addition, he wanted to know what my plans would be as for my placement/location. (I am only temporarily housed at Matanzas to keep me away from this employee and to keep me safe. This is not my department I work for only a side office and does make things extremely difficult to operate from.)

Oct 22nd- received a call from [J] HR director letting me know she is wrapping up the paperwork, employee is keeping job and if I would like to go back to my department. Of  course I don’t want to go back if he is still there as I don’t feel safe and they have yet to be able to protect me from this man why would I think they would now!!!!

Oct 23rd- was given final outcome papers in writing from [J]. Outcome was that the claim did not meet the definition of sexual harassment but that the allegations were found inappropriate workplace behaviors and that he could not have contact with me. Also that my workplace location would now remain at Matanzas.

This made me feel as though I was the one being punished for his actions and for reporting it. I had to sit in an office away from my coworkers by myself and couldn’t even be apart of the department anymore because I didn’t feel safe to be there. This all tore me apart and I couldn’t take being treated this way anymore. I chose to leave. The damage this has caused me, I am not sure anyone could understand but I hope by telling my story that noone has to ever go through it not something I wish on anyone. I don’t care what the district or [J] says I know that this man had no right to touch me and do the things he did to me. Im not sure what their definition of sexual harassment is but I hope that the district looks into it. This man/ employee is being charged with battery from state attorneys office but yet the district turned their head on it. This man is a monster!!



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