Anonymous Story: The truth about olympian [RM]

Anonymous Story: The truth about olympian [RM]

I’m not sure who I can tell my true story about the US Olympian [RM] from Las Vegas,NVC

I once dated US Olympian [RM] from Las Vegas, NV. He told me to prove that I loved him senior year of high school at Western High School. The way he told me I had to prove my love was to have sex with his best friend [F] a known abusive man and rapist who was in and out of jail. I was Young and didn’t want to lose the guy who was my first. I eventually gave in into the pressure to his request of showing that I truly loved him. The night I went to Olympian [RM]’s house [F] answered the door. I went looking for [RM] but I had to go wait in his room for his friend [F]. I really didn’t want to do it. I was truly scared to death. [F] took off my pants and underwear. I was so uncomfortable and scared and nervous. [F] tried multiple times to get his penis inside me but I hurt to much. Out of no where [RM] pops up from the side of bed with a video camera. He said he couldn’t watch this anymore laughing. I felt so ashamed and made a fool of. He said he definitely didn’t want me after allowing his friend to sleep with me.

At Western High school when I’d have to cut through the cafeteria to get to my other classes [RM] would harass me and threaten to tell the guy I was talking to at the time about what he recorded with me and his friend. [RM] even threaten to tell this girl I was friends with that I slept with her boyfriend at the Time [F]. Every day at school after first period [RM] was always threatening me about showing that video. Even though I didn’t even know he was recording me. I began hating him more and more [RM] was a very evil person. And one day I told him to go ahead and tell them I don’t care anymore just leave me alone. And he told them both and showed my new boyfriend [G] the video tape and told him I give him oral sex multiple times. I felt so ashamed and guilty. I eventually was diagnosed bipolar depressed and PTSD. I’m in therapy and I just want everyone to know that the clean cut [RM] isn’t as perfect as he protrays himself. He’s a monster and he emotional abused me and sexually manipulated a girl who only had sex with him. He was my first but he destroyed my self esteem and I want justice not revenge. I want my life back before he used my love for him and his friend enjoyment



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