Anonymous Story: the night of the birthday

Anonymous Story: the night of the birthday

On the 16th birthday of my bestfriend, she invited me, another friend and this guy from our class in highschool.The day before I couldn’t sleep. I went home early from work to take a quick nap before going to her. On the night itself we had a few drinks and went to the club. After being in the club for a few hours I felt really faint and tired. The guy stayed with me, comforted me and took me for a walk to help me feel better. After this we all went back to my bestfriends house. Me, my bestfriend and the guy slept in the same bed. The guy was laying in the middle between us. My bestfriend fell asleep right away and we stayed up talking. At one point the guy started about that he was really horny and how he wanted to have sex with me. I told him no for at least 10 times. He kept going on and he went to action. I completely freezed and did nothing about, I let it happen. In the morning the guy quickly left and I left after that. The next day my friend asked me for an explanation and she blamed me for all of it calling me a slut. I felt really bad about it and I blamed myself for it, I mean I did nothing about it.. ever since I don’t trust guys anymore. I don’t feel comfortable with my body anymore and I have serious trust issues. I haven’t seen the guy since then, he has been avoiding being somewhere he knew I would be there and I’m pretty happy that I didn’t see him.



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