Anonymous Story: The New Employee

Anonymous Story: The New Employee

I was new to my job 28 years ago, I was always coming to work with a smile on my face. I was new at the V A Hospital working as a Purchase Agent. After the first couple of days I started noticing candy was left on my computer but no one was at my desk. As time went by, one day as I was headed back to my desk from the bathroom a co-worker came out of no where from behind me and kissed my neck. I told him that I was going to tell the supervisor and he told me that he had been working there going on 25 years and nobody would do anything about it. He was right nothing was done. A few weeks later as I was pulling up to my house and getting out of my vehicle he drove up to me and smiled. Once again I reported it to our supervisor and the two of us was called into our supervisor office. The co-worker stated that he had friends that lived in my area so once again nothing was done. The co-worker would rush to his car after work and would watch me walk to my vehicle. Our supervisor said that anybody can sit in their car as long as they wasn’t doing anything to someone so I resigned being scare for my life. All I can say is Me Too



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