Anonymous Story: The Naive One

Anonymous Story: The Naive One

I will use “owl” as my name . And “friend for the girl i thought was my friend. And the boys
Involved xboy 1 xboy 2 and x boy 3. Thank you by the way. I need to get this out.
Im 43 yrs old marrieim married 20 yrs with 5 kids 2 grown from my 1st ex husband and 3 at home with my current husband . Im at a turning point in my life
I feel its time to share my story. My husband has been trying to get me to share for a long time. He’s been so encouraging and very empathetic
over the years about what happened to me.
Ok whew. Here I go. I was gang raped when i only 13 yrs old from 3 boys at my school
I was at my Christmas schools dance with several friends
1 of the girls I was quote on quote “friends” with . At the time i thought she was my friend
We’ll come back to that. The plan was I had permission to stay the night
At her house. We stayed at the dance til 5:15p. She had to be home by 6pm
On our way to her house she said she she’d forgotten her wallet
at this boys house she had broken up with . This boy went our school and i sid to her
Well why didn’t you get it from him before now, i don’t want to go over there so i told
Her i would catch up with her at her house by 6 . She said just come with me it’ll be quick.
I really didn’t like this boy so i didnt want to go but did cause she said she’d be quick!
We head over there and i wait outside. I check my watch the time said 5:40
By this time i had to go to the bathroom so bad . So i knocked on the door she’d already been in there longer than she said she’d take so i knock on the door she answered the door
With the boy next to her . I say i need to use the bthrm lets go and its almost time for us to get
To your house she said just come in and use the bthrm here
The boy says its ok come on in i told them no I’ll just wait and walk back to my bike
She and him talk me to going in to use the bthrm. I walk in and only
See her and him nobody else mind you. He points to the bthrm and
Its down 3 steps to a family rm and bd rm next to it and bth rm
I go in i sit down to go and hear more voices than the girls voice and the boys voice
So i get up and turn the vent fan off so i could hear better
And i heard more than 1 boy talking about what they were planning on doing.
On doing. So i put the lid to the toilet down and sit thinking and breathing hard
My whole body began to shake . I was trying to figure out how i was going to get out of there. I tried the window but it was too small so i had no choice but to open the bthrm door . My
Stomach just sank i felt so sick i was so scared i knew when i opened that door
The fight would be on . So i took a couple of deep breaths and opened the bth rm door.
As soon as i opened it i saw whom the other voices were and standing there was the my
“Friend” and her ex that boy whos this was and 2 other boys from my school whom i knew to
To stay away from because alot of kids at my school said these boys were nothing but trouble.
So i always stayed away from them. Well here we were and i said lets leave to my
“Friend ” and started to walk towards the end of the hallway when the boy grabbed my arm and said where ya going i said im leaving let f go of my arm he shoved me towards
X boy 2 he says grabbing my face what should we do to her 1st
I said nothing and elbowed him he let go and my “friend” is standing there laughing
I darted for towards the way out and xboy 2 grabbed my hair and pulled me back
She my “friend” turned to leave and i grabbed her by her hair and i said
Please dont f n leave me here she said their just playing around its a joke
Owl. I turned and said ok you want this im fighting you then .
Xboy 2 shoved me into the bdrm i turned and he came toward me i decked him in his face
He said quit fighting and opened the door and stood me in the hallway and said to another boy there tell him next i sd no he sd tell him next so i did that boy sd no and left the house just give up already you aint leavin til i says ya leavin
I spit on him and he almost punched me in my face but i blocked and his fist hit the side of my
Head. X boy 3 grabbed both my arms and kicked me in my stomach and both xboy 3 and xboy
2 shoved me on the bed . I blanked out a sec there fighting them off.
Trying to with all my will. X boy 1 says maybe this isnt such a good idea
X boy 2 says too bad x boy 1 says nu uh x boy 2 says i kill ya then
So xboy 1 just stood there dazed x boy 2 says go to her face and kiss her
X boy 3 took his pants off he let go of me long enough i got up and tried to bolt again.
X boy 2 shoved me back on the bed and xboy 3 had his stuff out i clenched my mouth closed
X boy 2 forced my mouth open while x boy 3 put his stuff in my mouth.
Then they tell x boy 1 to take his pants off and get inside me
My clothes were still on but torn from the fight. I still remember
What i had been wearing that horrible day black baggy rayon pants the mc hammer ones lol,
And a mustard long sleeve button up rayon shirt.
X boy 2 seemed to be in charge as if he’d done this before. He was ordering
X boy 1 around alot . Back to x boy 3 when they forced my mouth open by x boy 2
When x boy 3 put it in my mouth i bit down in a split sec he and x boy 2
Nust mept hitting me til x boy 1 says ill do her ill do her just stop hitting her
so they hold me down while x boy 1 gets on top of me. I started crying i was no longer
Angry i could feel my soul watching from above as they took turns
I start to fight again and x boy 2 proceeded to stab me in my left upper
arm just above my armpit. I caught a glimpse of the time on my watch
It said 6:45 they kept taking turns when it was over x boy 2 says
Now i know yr gonna go hm and say rape but nobody is going to believe you at hm
Or at school. And just ran and ran his mouth. I was about 4 miles from hm . It was dark and dec 23rd in az its chilly out i was cold and my whole body hurt.
At that time in az 1989 they the schools including my
Parents did not talk about what to do if your raped .
I was dazed and it felt like i died and came back that was the longest walk home
I couldnt ride my bike i hurt too bad. I didnt say anything to anyone
Til a few weeks later after school started back from Christmas break.
At 1st school was ok but those boys and that “friend” started running their
Mouths . I had x boy 2 in my English class. the 1 that seemed to be in charge of things and boys and everyone it seemed he ran things. He wouldnt leave me alone in class.
I couldnt take it no more and lost it. I picked up my desk and threw it on him
Hitting him hard. My teacher made him leave to the principil and excused
The rest of class. She shut her door and locked it and turned to me and said
I know something happened i dont know what owl but please i assure you
You can trust me. So i told her. What had happened .
She immediately went to our principal with me we told him together
In private . From there it became more chaos and crazy. The whole school knew by the next dayand my brother suspected something had happened to me cause i went from wearing
Pretty clothes to goth dark black clothes and makeup.
My parents from that point called police and they refused to do anything because i waited too long to press charges they said i should’ve done a rape kit at the hospital the night
It happened. Bullshit i had no idea what a rape kit was i never heard of such a thing
IT was a tough year i almost left school and went somewhere
Else but my Grammy talked to me and told me if i was to leave and run i would continue to run
The rest of my life. So i stayed. Got in fights every other day and my principal was great
Be had my bck even though the law DID NOT!!!!
Eventually the news found out but my family assured to tell them not to put up my name
I became an unruly teen from that point to oh 15 when i hung out with the wrong friends and 1 girl left me and are other friend in a taxi she lied and said she had the money for
I stayed the night in juvy and had to do 9 months probation
From that point i grew up alot got my self better thru my mothers help
My grammys help and lots of counseling and support groups
Before that while i was still out causing trouble when i was 14 my friends beat up 1 of tge boys that had raped me . My sophmore yr that girl that was my quote on quote “friend”
She showed up at my high school
To be honest. She lasted only 3 days before i beat her ass in front of everyone and made her
Say she left me to get raped she became my friend only so those boys x 2 and x 3 could
Get their way with me. Her momma took me n my momma to court . Guess what
I won the judge ruled in my favor because he believed me why i had beat her ass
So moving forward i finished high school at a high school my best friend went to
It was the best yrs. I had such great friends . Friends im still friends with.
My grammy once showed me in the bible what helped me to
Heal. If you pray for your enemies you reap coles on their heads
Also when i was 26 the Lord put me at a Wal-Mart with my best friend
Where we saw x boy 2. He fall on the ground scared when he saw me
You would have thought i was ghost. I told him
The Lord doesnt let in my dreams and hasnt since I was young
I said how does it feel to have me in your dreams ?every night you sleep ?
I found out a few years ago that x boy 3 grew up to continue to rape and hes now in a prison
25 yrs to life for raping and attempted murder
my fingers hurt from typing i have taken several breaks during me typing this.
X boy 1 came from a strong Baptist fam they moved him to the south cor several yrs where his
Grandpa was a preacher. Lol WOW. Right ? Aw what a way
Carma has of working.
Im better but i still have issues today i dont like to label it like the worlds
Wants me to what happened should have ended differently
But The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways
Ya i have a husband an all but im still jaded
Were all still jaded but thats okay. I wouldn’t be the person i am today if it wasnt for what
Happened. It made me strong and a strong mother to my children
Thank you for my life dear Lord for im grateful
Love always



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