Anonymous Story: The History of the girl

Anonymous Story: The History of the girl

Once upon a time she was a little baby 4 year old girl, we were with my Mother
visit to my grandmother, to my Mother’s Mother. I was in my grandmother’s yard
and he came my cousin [N] of [G] and of [T] who is a Son of my Mother’s brother.
He came next to me and he told me, Milica if you come inside my house
I will give you gift a doll, do you want a gift doll? Told me. I replied that I want it.
Come on in now Give.
I believed him I didn’t know that was lying. Told me go inside the house
and let me give it to you. When I went in his house, told me, Sit down
bent over in the armchair. He bent over in armchair, do not look at me,
I will make you an injection and I’ll give you the doll right away.
Down my underwear, downloaded his pants, I reacted immediately,
I did not know what would he do to me, just I heard injection, I did not want,
did not let me to leave, he kept me with the one his hand and with the other
his hand something touched me hot and soft, with filled with moisture.
Great shock, I felt disgusted, right now I called my mom and I ran out of his house
in my grandmother’s yard, he came my mom scared, I could not to speak, disgusted that I had
the slimy liquids on me and I said Aaah, aaah, aaah.
After the hour she I do not remember anything, shock my mother cleaned me up
in my grandmother’s toilet and after we don’t remember anything.
The shock of my life was over.
He is married with two children, retired Port,
is a shipowner rich with ships on the island of Salamina Attica
And much more. It’s a low tone, moderate stature, not its looks like it’s bad.
After this in my life, everybody is trying to me they do the same, to they are done
rich like him.



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