Anonymous Story: The Gist of My Situation

Anonymous Story: The Gist of My Situation

My name is Vanessa Morbeck. I served in the United States Army from 2012 to 2016. In my four years of active duty service I encountered 15 cases of sexual assault/harassment/rape/gang rape and then retaliation for reporting. That cost me my military career after reporting. The sexual assaults started when I was in basic training and the last one took place three days before I medically separated. Worst of all I was cast out by my peers, bullied, and my command started to attack me for wanting help. In 2015, I lost my marriage, daughter, housing and lived in my car for over six months. It’s been three years and I still suffer Post-Traumatic Stress while struggling to stay housed and keep jobs. The assaults caused me to not be able to take care of myself and continue to be homeless. These last three years have been excruciatingly painful. Constant panic attacks, flash backs, intrusive memories, to the point of even suicide. I am fighting to get a higher rating with the Veteran Affairs so I can take care of myself and try to rekindle my parenting with my daughter who isn’t with me. It’s tough. I want to speak to others and mass audiences to share my story. I just need a platform.



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