Anonymous Story: “T”… My Beginning

Anonymous Story: “T”… My Beginning

I am a 21 year old woman who was treated like dirt by the man I love. I was beaten more than once. I tried telling his parents about the abuse but that only made it escalate. I was raped for telling the truth.
My boyfriend “T” was a nice, loving and supportive boyfriend, but was definitely insecure, controlling and manipulative.

I allowed someone else to make me forget my worth. I allowed myself to be hurt because I love someone who didn’t love me back.

I’ve decided to know my worth, to never let anyone else make me forget about my happiness, I’ve decided to put myself first.
I’m a phenomenal woman and I will definitely not let anyone walk all over me.

I’m not ashamed of telling my story because I know that my story will inspire other women out there. It may not be easy to leave an abusive relationship but it’s definitely possible.

It’s okay to be happy and single rather than being a battered girlfriend.

I am not a victim but a survivor!!



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