Anonymous Story: School Sexual Harassment

Anonymous Story: School Sexual Harassment

I can’t believe it, he invited me to his graduation party. He wants me to come to his party who is going to have so may people, so it will be easy to escape. Earlier this school year, he sexually harassed me. It all started at the beginning of my freshman year. I started my year in a boot on my right foot and I was in it for 8 weeks. I was being targeted in every way. This guy, let’s just say his name is L, decided that he wanted to lay his hand on my upper thigh. I moved his hand away and didn’t say anything because we were in a group and I didn’t want any attention brought to me. He did it again so I slapped him and told him to stop. A little while later, we were praying in a group and L wedged his way in between me and my friend and grabbed my butt and my friend grabbed me and put me to the other side of her. After that, I went to the bathroom and I balled my eyes out and threw up because I was so scared because this had happened before in 7th grade. He had messaged me and asked me to be his “baby mama”. He kept touching me and messaging me. He threatened to come rape me if I blocked him or told anyone. I starved myself for a week straight and then finally took the messages to my principal and he only got suspended for 1 day and he was ordered to stay away from me for the rest of the school year. He got away with it, not once, but twice and my mother will not let me call the cops on him. It makes me scared and sick to my stomach every time I see him, to this day.



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