Anonymous Story: Royal Oak Princess

Anonymous Story: Royal Oak Princess

#MeToo. Ever since Trump announced his presidency and then won. My nightmares started again, have to go to the closet or in shower and cry. Secrets, Secrets, Secrets. Been abused since I was five years old then my half-brother then high school teachers; then TROY police officers and Detectives, bosses and co-workers as I worked in Restaurants then after graduating college television. Was drugged at a high school party and who knows what happened to me there? But it is still a JOKE as was painfully pointed out to me at my high school reunion the men I thought were friends brought it up and joked about it for hours until I stood up told them off and wiped them out of my life. Every Man that abused me, drugged me or took advantage of me – a couple are DEAD from Cancer BRAIN CANCER? Karma – NEVER EVER TRUST A MAN. My first husband mentally abused, then the accidents started “whoops honey I didn’t mean to hurt you” Then he tried to kill me; he got no prison time. My second long term relationship – he was arrested for abusing me. I am in another abusive relationship (my picker is broke) he not only drained my bank account, but somehow, perhaps my fault, he took my house as he moved in with me in a house I paid for and kept on taking me farther and farther away from my home state. Now we are in Florida and it was my money that bought all the houses and condos but somehow his name is the only name on the mortgage. Florida gave me some lying ways and said we had to be married. I am never getting married again. And then there is my family? I was in a horrific car accident, the person who hit me was here on an expired work visa (he is what started my two years of decline) the lawyers took advantage of me; lied and cheated me and got my life time medical taken away as the AAA lawyer (who threatened me more than once when no one was looking) was friends with the Michigan Attorney General and of all things my lawyer. I was in a comma for three months and lost everything. Going to therapy for a long time, my shrink thought hypnotism would help my PTSD – however, all it did was make me relive the sexual abuse suffered and kept quiet about my whole life. My shrink insisted I confront my brother, I did and he said I was lying – when I told my mother (13 siblings) she said this “did I tell you my father groped me and my sisters our whole childhood. Then the worst came, everyone in my family think I am lying and my brother is not. I am a wreck with all this #MeToo and the biggest predator of all is our president sitting in our Whitehouse. I have no help, no one to talk to, no one that believes me, and even if I could talk about it – it is so excruciating. What my brother did to me was terrifying and I did not understand. He said if I told my parents he would…. Then he signed up to go to Vietnam. He was a POW during that time my love for him won out over what he did to me. However, both his first wife and my husband were extremely jealous of our relationship. Feel so stupid; they couldn’t put their finger on it. Now I know that their feelings were justified. Thank You, for being there for woman that have to keep secrets or lose everything and not be believed. Kavanagh is a rapist I feel it, I believe Dr. Ford. There is no help for me, but other woman need help, need protected from these old gross men.



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