Anonymous Story: Roller Coaster Project

Anonymous Story: Roller Coaster Project

It was a Thursday night, in early March of our junior year. I had spent the last couple of evenings at your house because you had been helping me build a roller coaster for my physics project. When I got off work that evening, I called you and asked if I should bring any pizza over. You sounded really strange on the phone as you explained to me that you had been using cocaine and had taken some pills. You told me not to come over because you didn’t want to see me. It didn’t sound like you, and I was worried, so I came over anyway.
When I got there, you were in the garage with a group of guys that were smoking pot. As I leaned in to give you a hug, you pulled my head down hard and fast and then pushed me away. I got upset and asked if we could talk privately. You started making fun of me in front of the group, saying that I was “too good to get high” and that I was a “loser”. I decided to go home. I went inside the dining room to get my project. You came in yelling behind me, “That’s my fucking roller coaster you fucking whore!” Then you started laughing hysterically as I began to cry. When I started walking out the door with the project, you jumped on top of it, smashing it flat. I was SO angry. I yelled at you.
This was the moment that you changed into someone I did not at all recognize. You stepped over the kitchen chair and slammed me into the wall. You placed your right hand over my neck and threatened to “cut” me if I ever raised my voice at you like that again. I attempted to push and kick until I freed myself from you. You grabbed my arm and pulled me back hard. You slammed me into the wall again, except this time, a framed mirror fell from above and split open the top of my head. I slid down to the floor with my hands on my head. You left the room briefly, and came back to throw a towel at my face. You told me that I better not get blood on the wall. You then went back into the garage.
I tried to pull myself together. I went into your bathroom to look at my head. I was still rinsing blood out of my hair when you pushed the door open. In the softest, most disturbing voice, you said, “You broke my fucking roller coaster, you fucking bitch.” I began to argue with you. You then approached me and attempted to kiss me. You reeked of Jagermeister. You said that it was your birthday and I should give you a present. It wasn’t your birthday, and I was clearly not in the mood to kiss you. You put your hand on top of my head and tried to push me down, but I resisted. You backhanded me across the face and then pushed me down again. You wrapped your hands behind my head, forcing my face against your crotch and I frantically tried to squirm away. You used your knees to pin me down on your bathroom floor. You unbuttoned your pants and told me to suck your cock. I kept my mouth closed and swatted at your chest. You twisted my left arm and put it behind my back. You then grabbed my right wrist and held it above my head. You slapped me in the face with your penis repeatedly. You then dug your thumb into my eye socket and said that if I wanted to keep my eye that I should better open my fucking mouth. So, I did. You shoved yourself into me and I began to choke. You had a serious, determined look on your face and I felt as if I were beginning to pass out. You adjusted yourself and I turned my head away. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. You slapped me, and I kept screaming. You got up to close the bathroom door and I quickly jumped up. I made it just passed you and through the door. Your bedroom door however, was locked from the inside. I remember thinking, “Did he lock the door because he knew he was going to do this to me?”
I had just got the door open, but you rammed your body into me and pushed me over onto your bed, face down. You twisted my arms behind my back and I heard your pants hit the floor. You pulled my uniform and panties straight down and shoved your fingers into me. Then you put your fingers into my mouth and told me to “eat my slutty cum”. You hooked your fingers into my jaw and used it as leverage the entire time that you fucked me. I laid there helplessly waiting for you to finish. Some guy in a red t-shirt came into the room. I moaned out but couldn’t form words because you were prying my jaw open. He looked at me, then at you, then nodded. He opened a drawer, took something out, and walked out of the room. You continued to rape me.
Eventually, you pulled out and came all over the back of my neck and into my hair. You released me and I wanted so badly to jump up and run out, but I felt numb, as if I were incapable of moving. You pushed me off the bed and told me not to “spill” your cum on the sheets. I collapsed onto the floor and reached out for my clothes. You kicked them further away and told me to “get the fuck out” of your house. I couldn’t even cry. You left the room and I sat there, stunned, trying to breathe. I couldn’t close my mouth because you had dislocated my jaw. Eventually, I got myself dressed and walked out.
As I passed by the garage, you and your friends were laughing. You hollered out, “Bye, baby!” to me and I nearly puked. I ran all the way home, in the pouring down rain. I remember staring at my feet the entire time I ran. My mom heard me come in. I told her that I slipped outside and busted my face on the curb.
The next day, like an idiot, I called you to make sure that you were “alright”. I was mortified and hurt and ashamed and still, I just wanted to hear your sober voice. You didn’t answer and you didn’t return any of my calls.



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