Anonymous Story: Raped By Bother

Anonymous Story: Raped By Bother

I was raped by my older half brother when I was 8 to 15.
It all started when I was little he would always touch me or be different with me and I never knew why and one night he came in my room where I shared a room with my older sister l and grabbed me put me in his room. And would do things to me. Make me touch him sometimes. And then this would go on every night for years. I never really told anyone as I didn’t really get it. I didn’t know why raped was or anything. As I got older I realized I was being raped and I never told anyone or ever screamed. After years and years I opened up to someone who had told the police when I was a freshman in high school. I was scared it was still happening at this time and he was really hurting me making me play games and using ice and I was sad. My parents were mad at me not him. My sister hated me. Everyone said I was a liar so I told everyone it wasn’t true and my mom said she knew the whole time. After the cops left and everything calmed down. He would start hurting me again. He got caught getting me out of my bed but no one stopped him they let him take me to his bed. I finally started to sleep in the living room and he followed.. no one cared still. I was suicidal on drugs and everything I could to get away from him.
It went on till he turned 18 and moved out. Everyone in my family let him raped me and it’s open and no one cares. I still see him time to time it’s hard but I have to..
I am still struggling to move on but after 6 years I am still in a lot of pain and have night mares and fights with family about him raping me.



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