Anonymous Story: Raped By A Friend At 9 Years Old

Anonymous Story: Raped By A Friend At 9 Years Old

When I was 9 I moved to a new school where it had grades kindergarten to 7. So I didn’t make much friends I did made friends with a 6th grader, a 3rd grader, a 4th grader and another 4th grader. The most person I hang out with out side of school was the 12th grader because he lived down my street. Im going to call him Joe* (Name was changed). One day Joe was sleeping over and I were playing hide and seek after awhile we got bored but Joe said we should make it so if the seeker finds the hider before 10mins the seeker can do what ever he wants to the hider even if its punching the hider in the head. When it was his turn to be the seeker and he caught me, he told me to show him my penis. later while I was sleeping I woke up and saw Joe naked with a camera and my pants and underwear on the floor. I was going to say something but he started touching my penis and it felt good. I didn’t think he knew i was awake so I closed my eyes and let it happen in the morning i went to change my clothes before he worked up i realized i wasn’t wearing any underwear and i found it in his bag but i left it and act like nothing had happened. One day my parents were going to a hospital for a couple of days because my grandma got sick so they asked Joe to babysit me. We didn’t do anything sexual Intel the night when we were watching a movie and playing truth or dare. I gotten dared to get naked for the rest of the night. Later before bed he told me to get on my knees and close my eyes and then open my mouth. Thing is i enjoyed it. But that’s all we did.



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