Anonymous Story: Predatory HIV Sexual Assault … It happened to me

Anonymous Story: Predatory HIV Sexual Assault … It happened to me

Ive had been trying to find a way to bring myself to dealing with this. Telling my story to the world seems to be the medicine the Dr. ordered….

When you watch something transpire in your life that really hurts you and it can be identified right away that there will no doubt be long term damage – the feeling of helplessness has made my world come crashing down.

This story I have shared with the world for over two years now. It starts with a question that many people in this world I’m quite sure could not fathom. This story has reached worldwide media resources as well as many individuals throughout the world via social media. 20/20 … 60 Minutes … and further around the globe reaching 23 countries.

Anytime I share this story I never fail to realize the extent of evil a single human can inflict upon society. At the same time, I reflect on the strength and integrity of a friend of mine. A woman I know named [MC] from the State of Texas whom also became a victim of predatory HIV sexual assault. [MC] should be given an award and be the Golden poster child of what true ‘SAFE LIVING’ with HIV and enjoying life is truly all about.

… A true advocate of living honestly with HIV.

After discovering the truth of my nightmare I survived I ask myself this simple question; who else has unknowingly been made a victim of Predatory HIV Sexual Assault and Paternity Fraud? Illinois HIV law in 1997 did NOT require BY LAW a mother to inform the assumed Father of a POSITIVE result for HIV that had come about during MANDATORY prenatal testing. Even with extreme health risk involved of the Father being at risk of being exposed to HIV, and even further, unknowingly and possibly contracting the disease. The mother of the child was ONLY encouraged by doctors to inform the father. This opened the door for any woman to “hide” their HIV positive status from their sexual partners or needle-sharing partners.

With that being understood, in 1996 [S] became pregnant. She had her first son and it’s a question whether the assumed father to this child fell victim not only to Sexual Predatory HIV assault but also became a victim of paternity fraud as well.

Let me explain – AND even further let me explain what happened to me. I met [S] in 2002 and began an ongoing sexual relationship. She did not disclose her HIV-positive status to me. Eventually, we moved in together. Our unprotected sexual relationship continued. [S] was on birth control. She told me I had nothing to worry about – little did I know. [S] and I separated on 2 occasions between 2002 and early 2007. On neither occasion did she inform me of her positive HIV status before separating. This is where she not only put me at risk but society as well. During both separations, I engaged in sexual relations with other women after unknowingly being intentionally exposed to HIV by [S].

On Fathers Day in 2007, I received a phone call from [S] around noon. She called me and told me she was 2 or 3 months pregnant and informed me I was the father. Unbeknownst to me at the time [S] was also engaging in an unprotected sexual relationship with another man by the name of [B]… In 2007-2008 the Illinois HIV disclosure laws changed. As of January 1, 2008, it was NOW mandatory by Illinois law for a pregnant woman who is positive for HIV to disclose her HIV status OR her prenatal testing results to the father, or assumed father of the child to be born.

One week after the phone call i received on Fathers Day I received a phone call from the nurse at [S]’s gynecologist’s office. The nurse verified I was who I was supposed to be on the phone then handed the phone to [S]. [S] then informed me some testing had been done and one of those tests were for HIV. As she began to talk she informed me she was positive for HIV. Three days later I found myself at a local infectious disease clinic in Peoria, Illinois. It’s my belief that [S] had fully intended to infect me however this wasn’t the case.

Nonetheless, within the next seven days, I returned to the same clinic with [S] in support of her. I had collected as much information as I could possibly collect and sitting with the same infectious disease nurse I refuted [S]’s positive status. How could she be positive and me not be positive? That nurse who unbeknownst to me was very familiar with [S] quickly changed her tone with me. That nurse, Ms. [T], said: “listen the results are confirmed and if you want to sit here and listen that’s fine, otherwise you can leave now.” Ms. [T] went on to say, “I am concerned that there is a man out there intentionally infecting woman and getting them pregnant.” On that day those words went in one ear and out the other…

My test results had come back negative for HIV. Furthermore, after having 5 HIV tests ran to date it has been determined that I am immune to the particular strain of HIV that [S] carries and has been intentionally spreading.

It wasn’t until 2016 that information was relayed to me regarding [S]‘s first pregnancy in 1997 with her first son [M]. [S], according to her medical records from 1997, was on Antiviral medications for HIV mandated by law that a pregnant woman take. You don’t take cold medicine when you don’t have a cold …

A criminal complaint was filed with the Peoria County Sheriffs Dept. That complaint was forwarded to the Peoria County States attorneys. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations had run out for Class 2 felonious sexual assault charges to be filed against [S]. However, as the States attorney explained, a Tort lawsuit for Civil Sexual Battery, Intentional Infliction Emotional Distress could be followed up by that complaint.

It’s my belief and understanding that this woman is still out there spreading HIV and no one seems to care – and if they do care it’s because they are so uneducated and illiterate that they feel sorry for these extreme public nuisances in disguise. We are quite confident that if any lawyer, policeman or other public figures who have the power to stop this were to become intentionally infected themselves – THEIR VIEWS WOULD CHANGE !!



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