Anonymous Story: Police did not believe me

Anonymous Story: Police did not believe me

Many years ago, I applied for a job as a personal assistant for a former sports player , i feel like I should have known better but I was very young and naive . when I arrived to the interview which was at his home, i felt very welcomed and he after a few questions he said I had already go the job, he poured me a a drink to celebrate as he called it, and went on to describe he things I was needed for … cleaning , running errands … I don’t remember much at all after this one drink (I am serious it really was only one ). But I know things got weird and he started acting very sexual towards me, I was scared , and remember going along with it , I was scared that if I fought back that I would be killed. I don’t remember a thing I’m not even sure if this really happend. I don’t know how but appetantly I managed to called my best friend balling my eyes out, and told her the address, I also told her to call the police?? and have them come. The only one thing I truly remember was laying on the floor and having him yell at me to put my clothes back on because my friend was at the door. I got out of there as fast as I could. It was hard for me breath, about 15 minutes later waiting in her car around the block, police arived, one female and one male cop. The female cop got out of the car to talk to my friend, and I went inside the car to talk to the male cop, I remember not being able to explain my self properly, all I knew is that something was wrong , something bad has happend to me, hyperventilating I tried to explain the time line of events, also the one drink got me very very drunk and out of it , I don’t know how but on top of not remembering anything I was wasted looking like a fool not being able to explain what happend, the male cop insisted that I knew what was coming applying for such a job, and that I was my fault in the first place for putting my self in that situation , I couldn’t believe it, I started crying even harder, the police who are suppose to help u, were there telling me I was not a victim . The girl cop came into the car and made me feel the same way, like I was not just a victim of sexual assault and brought it upon my self. To this day I still don’t know if this was real, was I raped ? that same year I attracted a similar situation in my life (I just couldn’t learn from the first time ), working as a care taker for a guys animals / house cleaner he was always working out of town for weeks, I really enjoyed that job, this time I remember it vividly , I was making his bed, he came back early from work, and bent me over took off my pants and raped me, i Layed there limp allowing it to happen to me, again out of fear of being really hurt. you hear all these stories of girls fighting back and in the end getting murdered, or missing never to be seen again . After it happend, I acted like I was okay with it, long enough for me to be done my work and leave. Never reported it to the police this time as there was no point . After the two situations I was a wreck , but years later found peace with life, took up new hobbies and I am enjoying life now.



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