Anonymous Story: One October Night

Anonymous Story: One October Night

one October night
we went to the beach
the beach was very cold
I remember hearing the waves as he tried to undress me
he got me pushed against his Audi
and I’m frozen
I don’t know what to do
all I can do is just stand there
and he’s getting his dick out
And he puts it inside me
I’m crying
I’m crying
I tell him to stop
But he doesn’t listen
On the inside Im crying but on the outside I’m fine
He drives really fast as he takes me home
he doesn’t say anything to me
And I say bye
I never told the police about it
I didn’t tell anyone for a long time
now 3 years later
He’s a drug addict
He’s supposed to be in rehab but he’s still out there
And I found out he did it to other girls before me
But nothing will happen to him
He’s a rich white boy
With lots of money
His dad is a suit
So of course we’ll lose
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know
I’m losing my mind
I just want to die
please help me



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