Anonymous Story: New School, New Life Ruined

Anonymous Story: New School, New Life Ruined

Wednesday 24th of may 2016
I was called back at lunch to do some work and the teacher wasn’t there there was this guy in my year I never really spoke to him I kept saying I don’t know what I had to do he came up behind me and he had a boner he was pushing it into my should/arm I didn’t think anything of it his hand was then on my chair yet again didn’t think anything of it I had to get something out of my bag and he put his hand on my chair where my bum would be and he was squeezing it I jumped up like wtf I moved away my teacher came back in And told me to move back to where I was sitting so I did he then left and he took my Bobbles and put my hand on his dick I moved as fast as I could He stood up and made me stand up He then started trying to play with me if you get what I mean while humping me He continued going I was like stop please stop He wouldn’t He was holding me I couldn’t move and I think he was pulling his shorts down the bell went he let go off me I got my bag and went to the toilet and cried for 30 minutes

this is only short because I’m making a whole story on it



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