Anonymous Story: My Story

Anonymous Story: My Story

I never got attention from any man in my life before. My dad left me and my mom when I was born, and it was always me and my mom. I met my stepmother when I was little and she had two brothers and a sister. Her oldest brother needed to stay with my family, so he moved in with us and we never really talked or even looked at each other before, but a few days later he started acting weird and one night we was talking and he told me I was beautiful, strong, and smart and then he started asking me questions about my sexual life and I was getting really uncomfortable but he was showing me attention so I still talked to him and he told me to do some sexual things to him(he’s 31 years old) and I didn’t want to so he raped me and after that he did this for months and my family started to suspect something about him and they asked me if he did anything to me and I lied and said no cause he was the only person showing me attention and he always told me he loved me and he helped me with sports, and school but then he started to get violent with me. He choked me to the point where I passed out I was terrified of him but I was to scared to say anything, but my cousin caught him one night but naked in the bed trying to get me and he got sent to jail but he still sends letters here Lying on me saying that I attempted to kill my mom and my cousin was touching me inappropriately, stuff like that and I think i’m Depressed and I can’t stop thinking about it and I blame myself for this I feel like if would’ve just stayed in my room, or something this wouldn’t have happened…I’m hoping this will make me feel stronger by telling my story.



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